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21 Days

Many of us have had set New Year’s resolution. Year after year we try and we fail. Many just give up altogether. Why teach an old dog new tricks?

This is called neurogenesis. The process of turning short-term memories into long-term memories is key to neurogeneis.

“Changes in gene expression... alter the strength of synaptic connections and structural changes and alter the anatomical pattern if interconnections between nerve cells of the brain” ~ Eric Kandel, MD (Nobel Prize in Medicine, 2000)

In one experiment, Kandel discovered that when new memories are established, the number of dynamic connections in sensory neutrons jumped from 1300 count to 2600 count. However, unless the initial expletive was reinforced, the number of connections dropped back to 1300 within three weeks.

This tells me two things:

We can teach an old dog new tricks 😁

And this can be done in less than a month (21 days).

New thoughts, actions, and habits must be continuously updated in order to take root.

What is it that you want to change this year. Pick 3 things now. Write them down. And do them for 21 days. They will take root and you will be one step closer to who you really want to be.

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