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Epigenetic Healing

Four Hour Flight to Phoenix I’m on my way across America to sunny Phoenix, Arizona! I am having a lovely time reading a book on Epigenetic Healing, and enjoying the crackers that my husband Bob made for me. Looking around I see a few employees from a hospital equipment company sitting near me. They all have the same Dell Laptop. They are well dressed and clean shaven. Wow, seeing them takes me back about 15 years to when I used to be running in the “rat race” too. I had the company’s IBM laptop and acted like a big shot. I was constantly on auto pilot; either in flight, or just in flight mode. Does that sound familiar to you too? We may really love our jobs, but the office politics, the drama and the downsizing possibilities.… Oh my! I had my fair share of it for 20 years, climbing that corporate ladder, and always being busy but never feeling satisfied. I am learning some pretty amazing things that relate to this in the book I am reading. Did you know that 200,000 years ago, in caveman days, the fight or flight response to a threat was adaptive? This means that it was a useful adaptation for survival, in instances like running away from a lion, or a dinosaur! For modern man however, this fight or flight mode is actually now a maladaptive response. Maladaptive means that it is no longer regularly helping us as humans to survive. These are now responses to stress that are hurtful to us. All the stress hormones are still flowing through you while you are in your office environment, but they’re doing your body no practical good. The circulation of these stress hormones through our system on a regular basis will begin to compromise our immune systems, weaken our organs, and age us prematurely. According to Bruce McEwan, PhD, and director of the neuroendocrinology lab at Rockefeller University in New York, “{such stress} wears down the brain, leading to cell atrophy and memory loss. It also raises blood pressure and blood sugar, hardening arteries and leading to heart disease.” We may wonder at this point, what we can do to change this, and eliminate the negative impacts on our bodies and minds. Diet, nurturing, belief, spirituality, attitude, emotions and thoughts are all very important, and send “signals” to our DNA for positive genetic expression; for loving epigenetic therapy. This knowledge opens up a panorama of Self-Healing, as vast as the dark expanse of space itself. As I look back over the years, I am filled with gratitude for my new lifestyle. My belief system has not changed, but the Young Living opportunity and my non-toxic, chemical free products have truly helped me to develop into the person I am today. I want to lend you a hand. If you are in “maladaptive” mode, reach out to me. Take baby steps; one toxin, one bad thought, one thing at a time. If you eliminate one a day, one year later you will have removed 365 of these negative stressors out of your life. Join me! Connect with me. I have been there too. You don’t have to do this alone.

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