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Seed to Seal ... What does it mean?

Simply put, Seed to Seal refers to the steps of producing our therapeutic grade essential oils. From the tiny seeds, to the cultivation, harvest, distillation, testing and sealing of each bottle of essential oil, each step in this process is carefully monitored, and we are guaranteed that there is nothing added and nothing taken away.

Seed to Seal is a big deal.

Here is why...

The molecules of essential oils are really tiny. They are less than 500amu, which means they can pass through the blood brain barrier.

What is the Blood Brain Barrier?

The blood brain barrier (BBB) is meant to protect the brain from noxious agents.

Tiny essential oil molecules pass through the blood brain barrier, bringing oxygen, and the constituents of essential oils can bring their therapeutic benefits directly to the brain, and help to restore the body’s internal communication.

So... what if the essential oils that you use are not Seed to Seal guaranteed? Say they are fair trade and originate from the mountains in Indonesia; a seed from a hybrid source that promised to yield larger harvest, distilled in a villager’s backyard and without testing until it gets thousands of miles across the ocean... meanwhile, they are being stored in a recycled water bottle...

Then... I would think twice before putting them on my children or pets.

When these contaminated or synthetically adulterated essential oil molecules reach the blood brain barrier. They will pass through, and there is a risk of them causing harm to the brain!

Did you also know that some companies do “complete distillations” where they distill the same plant 3-4 times and mix all batches together? This process weakens potency, and has the potential to break down larger molecules, allowing constituents that shouldn’t be in the reservoir to possibly get in. This is why you sometimes hear in the news about some of the dangers of essential oils!

With Young Living, you can be assured that the Seed to Seal guarantee brings security and peace to your family.

Revelations 22:2b: The leaves of the trees were for healings of the nation.

Investigate for yourself... have you missed out for years on some of the most powerful healing tools made available from God? This healing and power cannot be duplicated in a lab!

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