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What Role Do Our Organs Play?

Ever wondered why we are constantly talking about eliminating toxins from our body? I have listed here some of the main organs and their functions in our body. Basically, their job is to get toxins out of our system... to keep us healthy and keep us going. But if we are constantly pumping toxins in, they don’t get a break! The liver: This hardworking organ allows nutrients from your food to enter your bloodstream while catching toxins like pesticides and mercury. The liver then excretes those toxins in bile, which eventually flows into the intestines to be eliminated. The lungs: They're living air purifiers, filtering out damaging particulates and vapors. Tiny hairlike filaments called cilia line airways and help prevent pollutants from passing into your blood. The kidneys: Every 35 to 45 minutes, the kidneys filter all the blood in your body and dispose of toxins in urine. The Colon: Like the lungs, your colon is lined with guard cells that help block harmful substances from moving into your bloodstream. Regular bowel movements eliminate those toxins before they can harm you. Our organs also store unresolved emotions too! For instance the Heart and Small Intestine will have emotions with abandonment, betrayal, lost, insecurity, effort un-received, etc. The Spleen and Stomach you find emotions such as anxiety, despair worry, failure, hopelessness, low Self-Esteem, etc. Lung and Colon, emotions associated with are crying, discouragement, rejection sadness, sorrow, grief, confusion, etc. Liver and Gall Bladder emotions are anger, bitterness, hatred, resentment, depression, panic, taken for granted, etc. Kidney and Bladder associated emotions are blaming, dread, fear, terror, unsupported, peeved, etc.. Glands and Sex Organs emotions are humiliation jealousy, longing, lust, overwhelm, pride, shame, shock, unworthy, and worthless. This is a journey. Two simple steps to begin: Step 1, Clean out under the sink, check what you are using in your body products, and try to go as toxic-chemical free as possible. Learn to read labels and be a smart consumer. If you need help, I know a few things I can recommend 🙂 Step 2, Release and let go what is not serving you in a positive and progressive way. I talk a lot about Emotional Release through essential oils. I will link a video next week explaining the science of it. Embrace this journey and take one step at a time. We have an essential oils community that supports emotional wellness, do connect with me if you like to join us. You too, deserve to live a life that is abundance, purposeful and full.



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