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5 Stages of Grief

March and April are the two hardest months for me to get through. My mom was born in March, and she passed away in April 2015. My dad was born in April, but he passed away March 2017. My mother-in-law whom I loved dearly also passed away unexpectedly in March 2016. A series of their birthdays and death anniversaries one after another. It is hard on the soul. They say time heals... I agree and disagree. Understanding the five stages of grief has helped me tremendously. Some of the oils I love to use during these stages are: Stage 1: Denial: Harmony + Rose + NL Black Spruce Stage 2: Anger: Peace & Calming + Forgiveness

Stage 3: Bargaining: Vetiver + Frankincense + Orange Stage 4: Depression: Joy and Valor used separately throughout the day Stage 5: Acceptance: Young Living has a blend called Acceptance. I use it throughout the day. Inhaling and just soaking it in to every cell of my being. If you are grieving, I hope you too ... will find peace.



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